Rizolyte Rice Flour and Electrolytes x 6 Sachets

Rizolyte Rice Flour and Electrolytes x 6 Sachets

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Special nutrition product for the prevention and remedying of dehydration of the body due to the mixed water and electrolyte loss due to acute diarrhea. Treatment of diarrhea in infants, babies, teenagers and adults, especially when there is loss of significant amounts of body water.


Suitable from age 3 months and older.
Without aspartame - Without saccharin.

Rice flour and electrolytes
BT x 6 sachets flavored berries


  • Acute diarrhea.
  • Cases with continuous vomiting.


The contents of each sachet diluted in 200ml water and stir well before taking.
Infants from 3 months and over: 3 sachets in first 8 hours and 2 the next 16 hours

Children: 5 sachets a day for 4 days

Adults: 5 sachets a day



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